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The CALLERLAB Foundation for the Preservation and Promotion of Square Dancing (The CALLERLAB Foundation) was formed in 1992 and is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation.

The CALLERLAB Foundation Mission Statement

The mission of The CALLERLAB Foundation is to preserve and promote the folk art of American square dancing and related dance forms.

The CALLERLAB Foundation Vision Statement

The CALLERLAB Foundation will coordinate efforts to raise funds by seeking grants, endowments, and donations to support its mission.


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 The CALLERLAB Foundation Board recognized the importance of supporting Youth and Newer (less than four years experience) Callers as a way to lend support to the square dance activity. The Board also recognizes that some Youth and Newer Callers may need assistance obtaining calling equipment, Therefore, The Board has established this grant program as a way to provide assistance to these Youth and Newer Callers.

The goal of this grant program is to provide useable equipment to Youth and Newer Callers at little or no cost to the caller. As part of this goal, the CALLERLAB Foundation will establish a method for the collection and distribution of calling equipment. All callers, dance leaders, and organization will be encouraged to support this program.

Applications are to be submitted to the CALLERLAB Foundation office: 200 SW 30th Street, Suite 104, Topeka, KS 66611. More information is available from the Foundation office: CALLERLAB@aol.com

Guidelines may be downloaded from "Education Grants" under "Foundation Initiatives"


In January 2007, CALLERLAB sponsored a second research study using StarWorks and Greenfield Online’s Internet survey panel. The study included two cycles of the Omnibus Panel and reached 2175 respondents. Three of the questions were identical to the first research study that was conducted in 2004. Three new questions were added in 2007 to test knowledge of specific Modern Western Square Dance (MWSD) calls and to ask the number of classes taken and who sponsored the classes.

Why did we do this survey?

We had done previous surveys which showed about 20% of the adult population had done square dancing and that about 10% had done MWSD as we described it. We believed these results and the result of the survey showing that more than half of those who said they had done MWSD stopped dancing within the first two years. We did not believe the result which said that some 200,000 people had been recruited into MWSD in each of the last 15 years. We decided to repeat the original survey with three added questions designed to detect any respondents who may have been mistaken about having done MWSD. The final report is available for download. See Foundation Initiatives; Phoenix Plan.


In 2004 the CALLERLAB Foundation conducted an Internet Dancer Census Survey. The purpose of this survey was try to determine the number of people in the US who are now or who have been involved with Modern Western Square Dancing (MWSD). The Foundation selected StarWorks, Incorporated, a market research company which has done other work for the Foundation to coordinate the survey and to provide analysis of the results. Greenfield Online in Connecticut was selected to conduct the survey. Online survey companies maintain lists of participants who have agreed to participate in online surveys and who are compensated for their participation. Considerable discussion, review, and coordination by The Foundation and StarWorks resulted in four questions which were submitted to Greenfield for the online survey. The survey was completed, the results collected, analysis completed, and the final report written. The written report is available for download. Please see foundation Initiatives; Phoenix Plan.


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